Individual Therapy


Individual therapy is a collaboration between the therapist and client with the goal of facilitating change and improving overall quality of life in the clients life.  It is a safe and positive environment.  Individual therapy provides an opportunity to safely explore challenges and barriers that are interfering with daily life or your ability to function in a one on one session with your therapist.  Individual counseling provides a healing environment to discuss relationship issues, childhood issues, or problems surfacing due to employment, career or personal life changes.


Who can benefit?

Individual therapy at Tree of Life Counseling and Wellness Center is available for adults, adolescents, children, families, and couples.  Individual therapy provides a safe environment to discuss identity issues, concerns regarding current struggles in ones life.  Individual therapy, allows us to learn healthier coping strategies to assist in positive steps towards living a healthier and happier life.

Individual therapy also provides a safe environment to deal with painful issues that we sometimes try to avoid — issues involving sexual, emotional or physical abuse in childhood or adulthood, dysfunctional family issues, or deep depressions and suicidal feelings.  Finding a safe space to address these concerns can break the isolation and begin a process of healing.

Anxiety   * Depression *  Anger * Life Stressors * PTSD * Self-Esteem  *Trauma * Phobias